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Scar Release

I hope the two videos below, produced by MSTR, are helpful in explaining this leading-edge therapy.

Plantar Fasciitis

Scar Tissue

Bowen Technique

This video of The Bowen Technique has been produced by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association. I hope it will be useful and show the importance of treatment being provided by a properly qualified practitioner. The therapist in the video is not Alwyn Wood the proprietor of this web site.

These photographs will give you a flavour of the therapy. They were commissioned by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association to illustrate the gentleness of the Bowen moves. The therapist illustrated is not the proprietor of this website. Click photographs to enlarge.

Rose Bank Treatment room. Click to enlarge.

A few examples of Bowen moves by Julian Baker of the European College of Bowen Studies, one of the world's most experienced teachers:

An explanation of how Bowen affects connective tissue and fascia, and how these structures are laid down in the body.

One of the bowen moves for a shoulder problem.

One of the bowen moves for a neck problem.

One of the moves around the scapula.